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Proextender System

Classic extender Proextender System

Classic model of penis extender, fixation on penis is implemented using silicone cord

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Strap extender PenisMaster Standart

The upgraded version of the extender with strap fastening system for greater convenience

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Buy comfort strap extender Ultimate

Comfort Strap hybrid extender Ultimate

The most convenient of all existing extenders increased comfort with a strap made ​​of soft silicone

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Bathmate Hercules

Hydropump Bathmate Hercules

The most efficient pump for penis enlargement, as the working fluid used warm water in the shower

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Why men's penis size
is so important

for men and women?

Increasingly sexologists around the world notice the influence of the size of the penis in the relationship between a man and a woman on their sex life. After all, well-known fact deteriorating emotional state of women in low sexual satisfaction, which can occur when a member of the small size of the partner. So if you own a small penis or less than the average, then you may want to make some efforts to increase it?

Is it possible to enlarge the penis and what does it do?

Millions of men around the world concerned about the size of their manhood, and, as it turned out for good reason. In today's world there is a tendency to idealize the image of a man - a real man must be secured financially, be attractive in appearance and most importantly - have a larger than average penis. In society, there are a lot of jokes and anecdotes about the small size of the penis, it is strongly ridiculed in movies and TV, the guys with a small penis strongly despised and ridiculed in the men's and women's conversations, especially the young. According to surveys, now the majority of women and girls think, that the average penis size is inadequate, unattractive in appearance, brings less pleasure, unfortunately, this is a fact of sexual life. What do men with an average size penis or, even worse, less than the average?

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! We present you a revolutionary devices - the penis extender Proextender System and vacuum pumps - air pump Super Penis and water pump (hydropump) Bathmate Hercules. With these devices, you can easily increase your penis size at home without compromising your health, try these unique devises before going under the surgeon's knife or taking dangerous chemical drugs.

The main advantages of the devices for penis enlargement



Using extender penis does not have any detrimental effects on the body and reproductive function in contrast to surgery or harmful tablets and ointments


Ease of use

The possibility to use extender at home, exercise equipment is very easy to set up and use, you can wear penis extender under your cloth, exercise no restrict in everyday life



These devices have been clinically tested and proven effective in most patients. Method of stretching from ancient times been used by mankind to extend various body parts - lips, neck


Therapeutic effect

In the presence of chordee (congenital or acquired Peyronie's disease), the use of an extender straightens the penis, leading him to a normal physiological form.


In sex life

Penis devices increase level of sex pleasure for both partners, improves erectile function, and increases the duration of intercourse


Permanent result

With prolonged stretching of the penis there is a real increase due to the increase in cell number and mass of tissue, which means that the achieved sizes remain for life!

Who buys penis enlargement devices?

In a society (mostly female) can meet the view that only losers with a small penis and low self-esteem, or perverts buy extenders and other devices for penis enlargement. In fact, people with a primitive way of thinking or female logic simply do not realize that penis enlargement - it is the same as the training in the gym to improve the shape and building muscle. After all, this improvement in your body. Why muscles increase - this is normal, but increase penis - that's funny? Absolutely all men of all social categories buying extenders for penis and there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Who buys penis enlargement devices?

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Our best devices for penis enlargement


The results of penis enlargement using these equipment will depend on the total duration of training, degree of loading (tension) as well as a variety of factors, such as age (the younger the person, the more pronounced effect) individual constitutional characteristics of a particular organism, feeding conditions. The simulator has no direct contraindications, but if you have any medical conditions or serious anatomical abnormalities before using the extender is recommended that you consult with your doctor.