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Classic penis vacuum pump Handsome UP

25,00 $

In front of you is long known device of the category "sex shop". Typically, the vacuum pump is a cylinder of transparent plastic, the end of which is attached to a rubber bulb by a thin hose. The principle of operation consists in pumping air from the cylinder by bulb or mini-pump, cylinder is worn on the penis whereby penile blood filling occurs and the pressure increase therein, causing a rapid increase in the maximum size and hardness of the aforementioned organ. Initially, the device was designed for quick erection stimulation for those men who have problems with erectile function, the pump is usually used immediately before intercourse, and, if required, during it to maintain erectile function, but then the men who regularly use this device, began to notice the gradual increase in penis length and volume, i.e. a regular filling of the penis with blood stimulated the development of its tissues, and thus its length and volume. High blood pressure stretches the cavernous bodies by which the penis has erectile function, and eventually the camera increase in volume as a result of cell division and tissue growth. It is this effect allowed to classify pump devices for real penis enlargement devices. There are many types of vacuum pumps, often they differ only in the type of pump - rubber bulb, mini-handpump, electric automatic pump. Now our product range includes pumps based on rubber bulbs, the most common type of pumps that will gently work on your penis and use of such a pump is safe. Why do we mention security? The fact that at very strong evacuating air there is a risk of vascular damage of the penis, and even its tissues, which can lead to interstitial haemorrhage and subcutaneous. Do not think that if you pump up the penis to the limit today and tomorrow, then the next day he had to grow. No, in this case, the main influence is not the power of filling with blood, and the duration of employment.


In the box you will find transparent cylinder, rubber bag with a hose and silicone sealing gasket 3 different sizes - small, medium and large.

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