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Elite Quality extender EasyMax GOLD 24K

60,00 $

This model belongs to the elite extenders for penis enlargement. This is light version of much more expensive extender  Gold, differs from it only by a smaller complectation and packing. If you decide to buy an extender, but do not know which to choose, if you can afford to spend more money - then choose EasyMax Gold. The main differences from the usual extender Proextender System are in a lot of tuning rods small size, which allows much more customization tension force, as well as fixation system on the penis is upgraded with foam soft tubes that allow the device to wear over a long period of time with no evidence of discomfort and pain. Metal parts coated with 24 carat gold plating, this is done to avoid the possibility of irritation in contact skin or mucosa of the penis with the metal parts.

The main advantages of the extender  EasyMax Gold

Unlike the cheaper models extenders, in this model is implemented a modified and advanced setting system of traction force. very comfortable adjusting handles, smooth running along the rods and very soft spring isolators. Also a very important point - rods are made of ultra-light alloy, which is very useful, since additional bars will not increase the weight of the device 2 times, as is the case with steel rods, and this plays an important role in the wearing comfort. Rods also divided into many small pieces, this allows very fine-tune the tension force and to choose for themselves their optimal length. Prefix in the name of "GOLD" means that the metal parts are covered with 24-carat gold, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of irritation on contact metal with delicate skin of the penis. In the box you will find the foam tubes, which are placed on the silicone strap, significantly increasing the level of comfort. Also the strap has a singularity - the company has developed a modernized AndroSystem cord - Andropenis Comfort Strap, in the middle of the harness there is an extension by the belt type, which increases the area of contact with the penis, thereby greatly improving the degree of adhesion to the penis and holds the device to the body. Widest part of the strap does not create too much pressure on the penis surface allowing you to configure a stronger traction and, respectively, to get the result of penis enlargement is much faster.

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