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Extender Proextender System penis enlargement

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Previously, it was assumed that the size of the penis can not be changed, as it is laid at the gene level in the DNA. To a small extent on the growth of the penis depends upon the conditions of men, nutrition, exercise, etc. But still there is a certain size limit, which is defined by the genotype of the individual man. With the development of medicine and plastic surgery in the past decade have been held enlargement surgery penis, people think, that this is the best solution - underwent surgery, endure pain and suffering in a few weeks and youR dream became alive! But not all so simple. The fact that surgery in such a delicate and important organ is fraught with serious consequences for the health of each patient requires an individual approach, there may be unforeseen complications weight, up to circulatory disorders in the body of the penis and its necrosis. Not to mention the multitude of contraindications and the enormous cost of such an operation. It is for these reasons that most men do not dare to such a serious step, and live with what nature has given, and if it does not give a lot, then such a person has a whole bunch of complex and often unsuccessful life. But now things have changed - everyone can increase his penis without the above disadvantages and danger for health.


We present you a completely unique device for real penis enlargement Proextender System. This mechanical simulator was developed by American scientists surgery, urology and andrology. Initially, the device was used on patients who have undergone surgery to increase penis to consolidate the results (that's another disadvantage in such operations - if you will not stretch the penis after surgery for a few months, it can return to the original size and all money and the anguish suffered spent in vain!). So, over time, it was noticed that the device is not only fixes, but also continues to further increase the penis. It was decided to use the simulator to "healthy" men who did not plan any operations, and behold - the device steadily increased the size of penis! Therefore, was created a special separate category of medical devices - penis extenders (stretchers).


what is the principle of the extender and what parts it consists of?

Extender consists of a plastic base ring that fits over the penis and firmly pressed to the pubis, from penis in parallel on both sides depart 2 pin with spring system for cushioning and an adjusting knob to change the length of the device. At the front end is a plastic cradle, which serves as a platform for fixation the device to the head of the penis. On the platform, there are two openings through which passes a silicone cord that is tightened at the base of the glans, thereby firmly fixation the device to the body. By rotating the tuning knobs device elongates the tensile force increases, the shock absorber is at 3 bar, which indicate the degree of load in grams of 500, 1000 and 1500gr. As the spring compression damper division will shift - you can determine the current load. If the length of the tuning knobs is missing, then the length of the instrument can be increased with additional rods that come in the kit.

But what gives the banal penis stretching? How It will increase the penis? The fact that prolonged tensile of body tissues activates the natural mechanism to fill the empty spaces between the cells, there is increased cell division, increases the quantity of cells - means more weight and volume of tissue. In other words, tissues begin to literally grow in directions of tension force. Furthermore, despite the fact. that extender stretch the penis by only straight way, that is, by its direction of growth vector, the increase will take place both in length and in volume, as the tissue will grow in volume. This property of the organism used by mankind since ancient times, with the help of special prostheses tribesmen increased different parts of the body - such as the modern world is a tradition preserved in the African tribes (stretching the lips and ears) and Burmese tribe Paduang (elongation of the neck - giraffe women)

 The effectiveness of the extender proved by many studies, which were conducted by leading experts in America and Europe. For example, researchers of the Italian Hospital San Giovanni Ballista conducted an experiment on 50 men aged between 25 and 50 years, were filmed performance of the original penis size, and in the next months of usIng of an extender made measurements. The results were impressive - after 6 months of use, 60% of patients noted an increase in members in a relaxed state by 35%, to 25% erection, erectile function improved by 30%, the girth of the penis has increased by 20%, the rest of the test results were less pronounced, mostly because of the infrequency of use and age-specific, but the device proved to be effective in 98% of cases. American Urological Association does not recommend surgery if the length of the penis in the flaccid state is less than 4 cm, so the only correct and safe method is extender Proextender. Parallel effect when wearing a penis extender is a rectification in the presence of curvature (Peyronie's disease). Most medical clinics use an extender assigns patients with this pathology (congenital or acquired), again, it is the only effective alternative to surgery.


The device is made of a safe non-allergenic materials, given all the necessary certificates, confirming the absence of any risk to human health. Includes extender silicone loop 4 of extension rods for 2.5 and 5 cm, respectively, softening foam gasket (its use is not mandatory, it is designed for men with a high sensitivity of the mucous membrane at the base of the head), also box include the CD, manual, box.

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