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Hybrid penis extender Penimaster Comfort LUX

45,00 $

Improved strap extender Comfort LUX

Strap extenders have gained wide popularity among men who have decided to increase penis without surgery, so in this category exist other models, each of which has its advantages. This model differs from the usual strap extender Penimaster Standart and other strap extenders, by increased comfort during wearing due to very soft and elastic silicone strap. For example, strap extender Penimaster Standart, which we also have for sale, has a more hard strap that can withstand very high loads, but at the same time loses the comfort. Therefore, if comfort wearing is important for you or your penis is high sensitive, we recommend to you this model with a soft strap. Also one of the main differences between this model and extender Standart, is that it have hybrid (combined) strap-cord fixation system. On the front of device you will find the cradle with holes for the wiring silicone cord and the gaps for the belt at the same time. That is, you will have as many as three options for mounting on the penis - can be used alone harness, strap, as well as a combination of both. Thus we can choose the most convenient and enjoyable option of wearing the penis extender.

The main advantages of the extender Penimaster Comfort LUX

One of the most comfortable penis extenders. A distinctive feature of this device is the presence of a hybrid strap-flagellar fixation system. On the front cradle there are 2 holes for the wiring harness and the 2 slits for the strap. You can use these 2 fixation variants individually and simultaneously to improve the adhesion to the penis surface and to be able to load traction increase. We would also like to draw your attention to the strap. it is made of very soft medical grade silicone, which is due to its flexibility will not cause discomfort while wearing, which is important for long-term use. Also, it is wider and longer than the extender Penimaster Standart and easier passes through cradle. In product box you will find extender, 2pcs cradles - first is classical card cradle and second hybrid cradle with holes for cord and 2slots for strap, 1pcs soft silicone strap, 1pcs silicone cord and other parts of standart complectation - 4 of extension rods at 2.5 and 5 cm, cylindrical softening pad, manual, CD.

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