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Hydropump for penis Bathmate Hercules

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People, who regularly increasing penis with extender know, that this is a long process that requires a lot of effort and willpower, not everyone can force yourself to wear the extender it for 5 hours every day, someone does not allow such as family circumstances or work schedule. But now things have changed! Truly revolutionary development from the company Ultramax UK will make the process of penis enlargement fast, convenient and enjoyable! Hydro Pump for men - is a water pump for penis, effective device gained worldwide success. What is the reason of such success? Unlike conventional air pump for the penis in this device as the working fluid used warm water. Thanks to this simple solution, device efficiency increased tenfold, as the vacuum is created in the water, it is much stronger and penis fills with blood and all Its tissue are stretched from the inside, but at the same time, tissues and blood vessels are not at risk of injury, which can occur when using an air pump. And it turns out that you can create a much stronger load and not afraid to get bleeding or bruise on the penis head. A stronger pressure leads to a rapid increase in penile length and volume within 1-2 months of use. Also warm water deeply warms the penis, which further contributes to its blood supply to tissues and increased supply of useful substances. But the most important advantage of the hydropump Bathmate Hercules is in that training needs only 15-20 minutes a day while taking a shower or bath. The ideal way to combine business with pleasure))

The principle of using hydropump Bathmate Hercules is in the following: hold cylinder pump vertically with one hand and fill it up with warm water from the shower (no more than 45 degrees Celsius) while holding the second hand on blocking valve at the bottom, so that water does not flow out of the cylinder. After filling, immerse your penis into the pump still holding it vertically and pinching the bottom valve, then press rubber corrugation to the pubis and pull the scrotum in order to exclude it sucked into the pump and make some strong, compressive corrugation movements, good sealing immediately creates a strong vacuum (for this must be carefully pre-shaved pubis). The penis will be increase in size, the magnification can be controlled by graduated scale on cylinder surface. In this state, it is necessary to leave the pump for a few minutes, if you stand in the shower, to free your hands you can use use a special belt Bathmate Strap, which is worn around the neck and the front end of the pump, thereby holding the pump in a horizontal position. After a few minutes it is necessary to make a few more compressing movements, to make further strengthen of the negative pressure, Then again to repeat this action and after 15 minutes end the procedure.



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