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Strap extender Penimaster Standart 2 in 1

40,00 $

Extender from its inception became a real revolution in the methods of penis enlargement without surgery, millions of men were able to realize his dream of self-esteem without compromising their health. Originally extender Proextender been implemented with silicone cord fixation, but as it turned out, the thin flagellum is not comfortable for everyone. Some men have experienced discomfort when wearing, as well as sometimes happened situations when cord slipping from the penis head, that led to the law decay of the extender. Unpleasant sensations occur in men with increased sensitivity of the mucous membrane at the base of the penis head in the coronal sulcus, and if this furrow anatomically poorly developed or very small head size, the flagellum may be difficult to hold on to. Therefore, experts research center conducted research and developed a new type of fixation with silicone strap, taking into account the possible anatomical characteristics of men with unexpressed penis head or coronary sulcus.

Features of strap extender 

So, what is the main differences strap extender from silicone cord fixation? On the front cradle instead of holes for the silicone tube contains 2 slots, which pushes a silicone belt is tightened on the penis. Due to a larger contact area with the surface of the penis strap keeps extender much better on the organ. Strap mount will allow you to wear the extender at a much stronger load, which significantly accelerate the growth of the penis and bring the result of penis enlargement. In the kit you will also find the silicone cord for classical fixation, so you can try these 2 types of fixation, compare them, use them alternately, to experiment and choose a better way of wearing extender.

In the box you will find the extender, the front panel and flagellated silicone cord, front strap cradle and silicone strap to it, and 2 pair of extension rods at 2.5 and 5 cm, user manual, CD.

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